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Intellectual Property Team Members who have successfully completed DL101 General Course on Intellectual Property with their specialization on Intellectual Property Rights.

Sl. No. Name Association Interest Photo
1 Mr. Asit Kumar Mukherjee Ex General Manager Phillips, Ex Works Manager Webel, Sr. Works Manager Usha Fans Industrial Design
  Made in the world. Why is it crucial to measure trade flows in value-added terms in the 21st century? ......
  WIPO Vision 2030. WIPO Vision IP 2030 -- Creating the World's IP System of the Future, a film..............
  Madrid System. The Madrid system for the international registration of marks (the Madrid system).....
  BHow to file to register a Trademark? How to file an online trademark application in under 5 minutes.....
  The Hague System. he Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs.....




















































2 Mr. Chitta Ranjan Biswas Sports Journalist Copyrights
3 Dr. Debanjan Sur Advisor, Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association, Kolkata. Innovation
4 Mr. Amit Kumar Gooptu Retd. Senior Bank Manager and Entrepreneurship Development Professional for MSME & Business Law IP Case Law
5 Mr. Aloke Banerjee Retd. Training Head of Nationalized Bank and expertise in different areas of Bank IP Teaching
6 Mr. Ankan Kumar Bandopadhyaya Director of State, National Thermal Power Plant, Govt. of India, Meghalaya Region IP Teaching
7 Mr. Mrinmoy Das IP Professional in Global Economy & Business Law Awareness Building
8 Dr. Ranjan Kumar Biswas Senior Research Fellow, Agro-Economic Reserach Centre, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal Plant Protection
9 Mr. Paritosh Bardhan Social Worker Plant Protection
10 Dr. Mahabur Rahaman Mondal Copyright Researcher Copyrights & Related Rights
11 Mr. Arindom Goswami Volunteer Geographical Indications
12 Mr. Somnath Ghosh Volunteer Trademarks

Mr. Mrinmoy Das has successfully completed an International Training Program in 2011on IPRs for SME Business Success with the support of WIPO fellowship at Seoul, South Korea. Another six months long International Training Program “Industrial Property in the Global Economy” has been successfully completed by Mr. Mrinmoy Das in two countries, Sweden and Philippines in 2012 with the support of WIPO & SPRO fellowship. Mr. Deva Priya Dhar has successfully completed the first phase of the same international six months training program in April 2013 at Sweden and he will complete his follow-up final program in October 2013 at Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Ankan Kumar Bandopadhyaya has successfully completed an international training program in 2012 on IPRs for SME Business Success organized by WIPO-KIPA-KIPO-KAIST.

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